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Olive oil
Dubbed „liquid gold“ by Homer, olive oil has been more than food to the people of the Mediterranean, it is medicinal, magical and an endless source of fascination. Olive oil is produced in Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia. It gives that final touch of flavour to a delicious fish or seafood dish Croatia is famous for.

 maslina  seasonalspa  olive_oil

Croata kravata
Handmade silk ties are one of the best-known Croatian souvenirs. Croata fashion brand is determined to tell the world that Croatia is the homeland of the tie! They offer a wide variety of patterns and classic Croatian designs.

kravata  kravata1  kravata2

Traditional stone-built field huts, Kažuni are found in Istria, and were once used as a storehouse for tools, to provide shelter in bad weather or for a rest when working in the fields planting or harvesting. Its miniature model makes a charming souvenir.

kazun1  kazun2

At the end of the June lavender starts to bloom on the island of Hvar, creating beautiful purple fields and infusing the air with its distinctive fragrance. Highly appreciated from ancient times for its healing properties, relaxing aroma and numerous uses, a bottle of essential oil or a fragrant sachet of flowers are ideal to take home with you.

lavanda  lavanda5  lavanda3

This one of a kind, authentic Croatian souvenir bears the name of its inventor Slavoljub Penkala and tells his story to the world. The omnipresent pen is an original Croatian invention and a perfect memento.

Slavoljub_Penkala  penkala3  penkala1

Lace of Pag
The world-famous lacework of Pag has been made for centuries. Women used works of their mothers and grandmothers as examples, adding a personal touch to each piece of this intricately embroidered white lace. All visitors to the island of Pag are impressed by its beauty and painstaking work of its makers needling away and chatting in front of their houses.

pag_lace  paska_cipka  cipka

Lovely red ornaments, which are in fact biscuits made of honey dough, exquisitely decorated with coloured sugar paste and small mirrors, most commonly come in the shape of the heart, horse, mushroom or a bird. Traditionally, they were used for trimming the Christmas tree and it was customary to give the heart -shaped ones as a declaration of love. They are one of the most recognizable Croatian souvenirs.

licitar  licitar_heart  licitar_souvenir

This world known delicious nougat, produced by Kraš, consists of a creamy hazelnut and almond filling between two layers of milk chocolate. A box of these tasty chocolates with its distinctive gold and yellow design is a true Croatian classic, gifted as a token of appreciation when visiting.

Bajadera  bajadere  kras-bajadera

Maraschino liqueur
This famous liqueur gets its distinctive flavour from the Marasca cherries grown in the region of Zadar. Believed to have medicinal powers, the recipe was first recorded in the 16th century by monks. In the 18th century it was widely exported from Zadar and gained fame and appreciation as the drink of choice of many kings and famous men like Napoleon Bonaparte and Casanova. It is a registered authentic Croatian souvenir, produced in straw-coated bottles.

maraschino    maraschino_liq  Maraschino02

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